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We are a company connecting two links between employers and employees, we always focus on an individual approach to both of the sites. The APT One company has been operating since 2014, our greatest asset is a team of competent and committed employees. Our effectiveness has its source in many years of experience, as well as the use of modern tools and working methods.

We work according to the principle of respect and sustainable development, thanks to which we act honestly and place an emphasis on building long-term relationships that bring mutual benefits.




This service is based on the simplification and rationalization of employment processes in your company, flexibly responding to fluctuations of business cycles by immediately adjusting the level of employment to the current needs of your company.

This service also allows you to effectively intervene in the period of seasonal sales increases, planned holidays, including maternity, excessive, unplanned absences and staff turnover, as well as variable production cycles.


Job placement allows you to rely on our knowledge, relationships and activities to find and hire the right person to work. By ordering us to do this, you save the costs and time necessary to properly carry out recruitment projects.

As part of the cooperation, we help to prepare individualized recruitment models for various types of positions, which allows to properly organize the work of internal HR departments. We take full responsibility for the results of our work – job placement in APT One is guaranteed for 1 to 6 months (depending on the type of position).


Reacting to the rapidly changing labour market, we provide services related to the recruitment of people from abroad. We have foreign units in such countries as: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Georgia. Our network of trusted partners helps you quickly and comprehensively deliver employees to your company.
Our team prepares all formal and legal aspects of employment, including: applications, declarations, permits, stay legalization of foreigners.


As part of HR and payroll services, we provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to your requirements.

We provide the following services:

1. we keep records of employees;
2. we keep personnel files of employees, within the scope resulting from the labor law and special regulations;
3. we conduct, for the employees mentioned in item 1, all matters arising from the employment relationship;
4. we register employees in ZUS;
5. we register sick leave;
6. we introduce, update and archive HR data in a computerized payroll system;
7. we prepare Z-03 and Z-06 reports on employment and pay – in the employment part (if required);
8. we make periodic analyzes of the use of working time (presence, dismissals, overtime hours, holidays);
9. we keep a current archive of employee personal files;
10. we charge remuneration and pay staff services based on payroll documents and in accordance with applicable regulations;
11. we prepare payrolls;
12. we keep employee payroll records and update them monthly;
13. we charge remuneration for absence from work due to sickness, sickness, maternity and care benefits, we control the correctness of determining the entitlement to sickness benefit and we run benefit cards;
14. we calculate and draw up payout lists based on bills for contracts of mandate and contracts for specific work concluded by the Taxpayer;
15. we prepare monthly statements regarding the calculation of remuneration and information about paid social security, health insurance, Labour Fund, personal income tax and other deductions;
16. we prepare and send monthly ZUS declarations, transfer transfers to ZUS accounts and prepare Monthly Reports for the Insured Person (RMUA) – on the remuneration strips;
17. we prepare a monthly declaration on the amount of advance payment for income tax on the total amount of payments made (PIT-4 and PIT-8A);
18. we prepare annual information on income received and on advances against income tax (PIT-11, PIT-4R) and we make an annual tax settlement (PIT-40) for employees who have submitted the required statement;
19. We issue a certificate of employees’ remuneration;
20. We introduce, update and archive payroll data in the computerized payroll system.



Anyone can take up a job through temporary employment, because you do not have to have special courses or entitlements and there are no age limits, an employee who works temporarily determines the days and at what hours he can work. A temporary employee is entitled to the same rights (regarding earnings, holidays, social conditions, health and safety regulations) as a full-time employee.
For foreign who are not Polish citizens, our team will prepare all formal and legal aspects of employment, including: applications, declarations, permits, legalization of stay of foreigners. In some cases, we also provide residence paid by the employer.

If you are unemployed or your current job does not meet your expectations, we will help you find a satisfactory job. We have many job offers, so you do not have to spend a whole day searching the ads in newspapers and on portals in search of your dream job. If you care about time – this is the most appropriate place. The recruitment process with APT ONE in this case is usually much faster. APT ONE is also a place where you do not have to worry about formalities, all formal and legal issues remain on our side.




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